How Was The Legendary GoT Season 8

Gotta say, I really loved the part where Tyrion broke the 4th wall, looked directly into the camera, and said, “wow, how hypocritical all of you are, watching hbo’s game of thrones. you all cheered for dany when she was killing evil people and literal slave-owners and actually liberating people, but now that she kills innocent people and randomly calls it liberation you suddenly think it’s bad? her killing innocent people was actually foreshadowed by all the times she killed awful people. killing slavers was actually meant to show how evil dany was all along. there’s actually zero difference between good and bad things, you imbecile. you fucking moron.”

It makes me feel really good about the fact that these are the same people who are planning to make a TV show about the slave-owners winning the Civil War.

Considering the White Walkers don’t exist anymore, and the wildlings are allies and no longer considered a threat to the realm, and the Wall was destroyed, tbh it doesn’t really make sense for the Night’s Watch 123movies pedia to even exist anymore. My guess is they thought having Jon go back to the Night’s Watch would be some nice Narrative Symmetry, and then worked backward from there to make it happen, even if it doesn’t make sense. Which seems to have been the writing process for basically everything this season. They had all these conclusions in mind, and then forced all the characters to behave in whatever way would create those conclusions.

The wildlings are free people, even if they aren’t regarded as enemies as a group you can still have small raiding parties forming and border skirmishes occurring as you’d had with any borderlands during the pre-modern eras. You’d still need a dedicated border patrol for such events. Its just that now they’ll be able to move much more freely within the areas beyond the wall and cease being the death squads they used to be. This is the only thing that I think makes any realistic long term sense.

The execution of the finale was, compared to previous seasons, lacking. Some of the greenscreen work cut corners. This time around they didn’t save money by filming the episode in 50 shades of black, but by having background exceedingly blurry to save on detail. And this time around they missed at least two water bottles, which is just ridiculous… that just doesn’t happen at this level.

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