This phone shows you what big changes Samsung wants to make in 2020

Samsung, it can be said, has improved some design ideas in both hardware and software over the last 3 years. And also by 2020, it must include those larger adjustments that users are anticipating. It also has a phone that shows the direction of advancement.

At IFA 2019, Samsung revealed the Galaxy A90, a phone that additionally benefits from 5G, and also at a lower price than the Galaxy Note 10 5G or Galaxy S10 5G. By the end of the year, however, we could see the very first phone ready for 2020. It’s the Samsung Galaxy A91

According to unofficial info readily available at this time, Samsung is preparing for following year all updates to the Galaxy A designs of 2019. This indicates the adhering to designs: A21, A31, A41, A51, A61, A71, A81 as well as A91. That’s besides the Galaxy S as well as Galaxy Note series.

What’s special about Samsung Galaxy A91

It is very likely that the Galaxy A91 will strike the market just in January, but up until after that there have been some requirements. It likewise benefits from microSD card slot up to 512.

As a larger difference, the phone would certainly have extremely fast wire charging at 45 watts, 48 MP major video camera with optical stabilization and also 32 MP selfie cam. The ultrawide video camera would certainly be 12 MP as well as the screen would certainly be 6.7 inches Full HD +. It would certainly likewise be the firm’s first Android 10 phone.

It is really most likely that the above specs will not be final for all phones. The checklist reveals you that Samsung is trying to make the Galaxy A collection constant and also there are not too many distinctions between the phones.

As a summary, what Samsung is trying to do in 2020 looks like this: far better cams, boosted One UI, even phone collection and also far better technical functions also when the phones are more affordable.

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